أغسطس 16, 2008

علم دوله قطر موقع قطر العلم الوطني قطري

دوله قطر

Human habitation of the qatar
Peninsula dates as far back as 50,000 years, when
small groups of Stone Age inhabitants built coastal encampments, settlements,
and sites for working flint, according to recent archaeological evidence. Other
finds have included pottery from the Al Ubaid culture of Mesopotamia and
northern Arabia (ca. 5000 B.C.), rock carvings, burial mounds, and a large town
that dates from about 500 B.C. at Wusail, some twenty kilometers north of Doha.
The qatar Peninsula was close enough to the
Dilmun civilization (ca. 4000 to
2000 B.C.) in Bahrain to have felt its influence. A harsh climate, lack of
resources, and frequent periods of conflict, however, seem to have made it
inevitable that no settlement would develop and prosper for any significant

length of time before the discovery of oil. The peninsula was used almost
continuously as rangeland for nomadic tribes from Najd and Al Hasa regions in
Saudi Arabia, with seasonal encampments around sources of water. In addition,
fishing and pearling settlements were established on those parts of the coast
near a major well. Until the late eighteenth century, the principal towns were
on the east coast–Al Huwayla, Al Fuwayrit, and Al Bida–and the modern city of
Doha developed around the largest of these, Al Bida. The population consisted of
nomadic and settled Arabs and a significant proportion of slaves brought
originally from East Africa. The qatar
Peninsula came under the sway of several
great powers over the centuries. The Abbasid era (750-1258) saw the rise of
several settlements, including Murwab. The Portuguese ruled from 1517 to 1538,
when they lost to the Ottomans. In the 1760s, the Al Khalifa and the Al Jalahima
sections of the Bani Utub tribe migrated from Kuwait to
‘s northwest coast
and founded Az Zubarah. Because the Bani Utub had important trading connections
with Kuwait and were close to the rich oyster banks, Az Zubarah became a
thriving center of trade and pearling, despite hostilities between the Al
Khalifa and the Al Jalahima.
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شات قطر مرحباً بكم!

أغسطس 15, 2008

مرحباً بك في شات قطر، نحن نتشرف بزيارتكم لنا ونتمنى لكم قضاء اجمل الاوقات في موقع شات قطر

الموقع يقدم العديد من الخدمات التي يحتاج اليها المتصفح والزائر فهنا في شات قطر بامكانك قضاء اجمل الاوقات مع برنامج الدردشه او كما يطلق عليه بالعاميه في قطر الجات

ايضا الموقع يوفر مقتطفات متنوعه لعدد من المواضيع التي تفيد المتصفح في شتى المجالات مثل المواضيع الاجتماعيه والعلاقات الاسريه وايضا هناك قسم مخصص لدولتنا الحبيبه دوله قطر هذا القسم يتم فيه نشر كل ما يتعلق بقطر تاريخها منجزات وايضا تراث دولتنا الغاليه قطر

كما يحتوي الموقع على ارتباطات لبرامج تهم كل شخص مثل مكتبه البرامج ومكتبه المسجات والمنتدى الحواري المتخصص

هناك مكتبه العاب كامله تمكنك من اشباع رغباتك في التمتع بالعابك المفضله لديك

والمزيد من المحتوى الذي نتركه من اجل ان تقوم باكتشافه بنفسك

عزيزي الزائر نحن نتشرف بزيارتك لنا وايضا يسعدنا تسجيلك وانضمامك الى اسره شات قطر لنستفيد من كل ما تقوم بطرحه

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